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Jade Soong

Business principal


Philip Paznikov

When you are searching for the right house it can be exhausting going from one open inspection to the next. Is also stressful to put your home on the market and try to figure out what your next steps are going to be. Some questions you may ask. Will we get a good price? How long will it take to sell? How many open houses do we have to prepare for? Is my house really ready for sale? What about the costs involved?
This is why I find being a dynamic agent so exciting. Being able to find a buyer for that property that is on the market is like solving two problems at once. My expertise is in connecting people and closing the deal. I work tirelessly for the seller to ensure they get a timely sale that is within or better than the hoped for target price.
If you just want advice I am happy to oblige any time. If you want to know more please give me a call. You will not be disappointed.